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We have been serving the printing necessities of our customers in the Davao City area and beyond since 2009. Even though we have expanded substantially over the years, we still ponder on how to develop more of our services to clients and maintain a successful relationship with them. We are always looking for better ways to improve our capacity to serve our customers by improving the way we interact and providing more machines that could help expedite the client’s order. The printing industry is really dynamic and we are glad to say that we preserv3e to remain on top of it. 

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to provide our clients fast and high quality printing services with equitable price.


To make MORNING STAR PRINTING PRESS the best place of choice for printing and central provide of promotional ads.


  1.  To maintain high quality & customer satisfaction
  2. To consistently observe punctuality in meeting clients’ deadlines.
  3. To provide jobs and more employees with discipline and commitment
  4. To produce professionals by giving scholarship program to those interested and qualified to work and finish their studies in college
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